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Unified Communications

Many companies today face the challenge of a highly distributed workforce that must work together more effectively than ever before. Teams rely on time-sensitive communications using a variety of user devices across multiple networks and services to keep pace with the competition. Often, this growing complexity results in increased administrative and support costs along with missed business opportunities. Unified communications addresses this challenge by simplifying how people interact both with each other and applications. Workers adopt a common user interface and leverage IP network technology to collaborate in real-time using the most appropriate voice, video or data channel. Tight integration between enterprise applications and communications allows users to reach each other and share information within seconds.

Hosted Office

Hosted Office is the answer to an ever-changing business world for SMMEs. With more and more businesses heading towards more personal office spaces, or home offices, the model of a traditional PBX system is quickly becoming redundant, or even completely impractical.
Developed for small and medium business owners, Hosted Office provides all the services of a PBX system to employers and employees. With features like transfer, or extension dialing, every person on the Hosted Office network can benefit from this simplified, cost effective communication tool.

SIP Trunks

The price of communication has, for many companies, become one of the most costly and crippling expenses they have to endure. Faced with no alternative, companies have spent exorbitant amounts on the installation and running expenses of communication solutions which include expensive PABX’s - both within the office and outside.
SIP Trunks offer a cost effective, reliable communications solution. Ideal for businesses with existing PBX/PABX, SIP Trunk is the answer for integrated, cost effective communication by connecting your PBX to the Blackbridge hosted infrastructure for your outgoing and incoming calls.

Mobile Life

Our modern lives are built on communication and information sharing, whether at work or home. With our busy schedules, keeping in touch with colleagues, friends and family has become quite the challenge – but remains an absolute priority. Mobile Life is the answer to every modern family's communication needs.
Some of Mobile Life's Features include sharing a single number between your mobile app and home phone. Voicemail, Multiple Call Handling, Access to ad-hoc conferencing and Caller Line Identity. Use multiple handsets around the home to make more than one phone call at a time.